Devourer Log, Vol 6, #3

Meeting Arr -> The Box

Log of the Caravan of the Devouring of the Daughter of Rathess, Volume the Sixth.
Day the Seventeenth, Month of Ascending Air, Realm’s Year of Seven-hundreds, Sixty, and Nine.
Cross-Reference Accounting Document 24. General Financial Summary Follows:

1 talent; Jade.
4 talents; Silver.
Equivalent of 13?! talents Jade in gemstones. See Accounting Document 24b.
Equivalent of 3? talents Jade of various magical materials. See Accounting Document 24b.
All stock in excess of projected needs.
Armor and Weapons in excellent repair.
Personal supplies in excess of projected needs.

Weather: According to Tempest, sunny, clear, and cold as balls.

I see I forgot to name that “instinct” in my previous report. Her name is Anaxandra Gaultier, and she is both a blessing and a trial. Evidently she is the remains of my previous incarnation, living within my own mind. I suspect if I ever get a few months to myself we’ll sit down and write her memoirs, but until then suffice it to say Shut up, Ana!

Additionally, Wind’s Tradition and I have taken up a more permanent arrangement, and combined our finances. He had a great deal of time to gather up a stockpile of gems, magical materials, and various metals, and we’re still sorting through them. At this point I’ve found it far more simple to teach him the basics of accounting and allow him to maintain a list himself, hence Accounting Documents 24 and 24b. The above are his current estimates.

Continuing from the previous log, then:

Remember when I called Silent Tempest sneaky? Turns out we were to gain an even sneakier friend, a Dragon King named Arrnax’t. He is quite large, orange, and so sneaky I’m half tempted to make him a bell so he stops scaring me. Yes, he’s that bad. He is quite delightful though, and a very quick study.

After he introduced himself, we made our descent to the city of Dijak. There was some battling on the way, before we met some of the other Jadeborn. We gained passage after confirming we were Celestial Exalts (I’ll note I was the first to catch on and flare her castemark.), and were debriefed on reaching the city. Wind asked to pay off the Mountain Folk and People of the Earth’s debt to me by continuing to act as my apprentice. I suspect ulterior motives, but am not complaining. For access to the library and Archives, we were asked to find out what Han-Tha thinks he’s doing and stop him. Before journeying to the Archives, though, we spent some time resting in Wind’s old quarters, where Marast and I had the strangest shared dream.

It started out as the usual one, when Marast appeared, and lead me to a cheering crowd. Somehow that lead to a room where Anaxandra awaited us, and gave both of us gems, advising us “There is always a Way, though it may not be the one you like.” When we looked up, we were surrounded by yellow fog, and we could hear blood and smell roses. The fog seemed burnt away by our presence though, and as it cleared we saw a Great Tree with fruit and leaves of jade. A petal fell and landed on my nose, and the scene changed. Transcript follows:

“Are you sure this will work?” Maman?

“For a given value of ‘work’.”

The scene shifted again. In my hands, shifting between them, were three orbs; one of fire, one made of naught but air and filigree, one the very image of the Daystar itself. “Well? You can’t juggle them forever. Which is it?” A voice whispered behind me. I turned and called out, but there was nothing. And then, I stood for a moment in the River of All Memories and it threatened to submerge me and consume me and I WILL BE SWEPT AWAY-

The sound of a single drop hitting calm, still water. “WE ARE THAT WE ARE.”

… That was longer than I intended it to be. In any case, Marast’s dream diverged at the Tree. Tempest got another taste of his own toes in revealing that Marast and I are Bondmates, and nearly got himself killed by Marast. Once Marast and I had a chance to calm down, we agreed I had never done anything to betray his trust and for some odd reason he called me a good person, and decided to stay. I’m making him a lock box and giving him all the keys to it. Tempest got kicked in the balls at some point, and we are to make our way to the Archives of Voile. I’m dating this for today, the 17th, rather than for the 28th as the past three days require a summary as long as an average two weeks’ entry would. I suspect future readers will appreciate this.

[This entry covers Meeting Arrnax’t to The Box/Tempest is Unman’d]


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