Haunting Echo

A staff that can reshape earth and stone with music.


Speed 5
Accuracy +1
Damage 10B
Defense +0
Rate 2
Attune 5 motes
Artifact * * * *

A gnarled white staff imbued with a gentle vibration even when still. Grows more resonant and sonorous when placed on stone or earth. The sound it produces is a very deep, resonating hum that sounds like human voices chanting. In the hands of a ruthless or unrighteous wielder, these voices grow solemn and sad, and so it has not chanted its joyful song since Spiral found it. The aesthetics of this staff’s construction tend towards smooth, graceful curves and organic shapes, though the exact details vary from performer to performer.


A prized possession of the Daimyo of Lookshy, the singing staff known as Haunting Echo was used to erect fortifications and livable land for the city, breaking sieges and crushing enemy armies in war-time. It had been in the possession of the Daimyo line since the Shogunate, but that chain was broken when a skirmish with the Realm left the Lookshy forces devestated by summoned demon infantry. The troops were slaughtered and many useful things were buried in the rubble of the assault. After several centuries it was pushed deeper underground into the darkness below, until Spiral discovered it while digging, accidentally collapsing the tunnel and setting into motion her exaltation.

In the First Age, Haunting Echo was a tool of Sang-fe, Twilight Artisan and master musician, head craftsman of the Factory-Manse that would one day become Lookshy. With his precise tuning and fantastic musicianship, Sang-fe created beautiful, reaching sculptures, houses that were both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, and fine, sturdy roads and bridges in the name of the Deliberative. In his later days, driven mad by the Great Curse, the craftsman became convinced that only through reinforcing his work with the corpses of his workers would he ever exceed the organic element of his art, and his sculptures during that period were considered the finest he’d ever crafted, as well as the most gruesome. The staff had always had its sonorous voice, but it is during this time that it acquired its signature haunting moan.
The Dragon-blooded that killed Sang-fe during the Usurpation lay claim to the staff as part of his loot, along with the Manse that he and his men established into a city. He could never get the artifact to sing happily, and so his architecture, while beautiful, was always a grim reminder of violence and fear. It is said that this is the reason for Lookshy’s violent and aggressive stance, as well as the harshness of the design of the city.

Haunting Echo

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