Devourer Log, Vol 6, #1

Loq Exalts

Log of the Caravan of the Devouring of the Daughter of Rathess, Volume the Sixth.
Day the First, Month of Ascending Air, Realm’s Year of Seven-hundreds, Sixty, and Nine.
Cross-Reference Accounting Document 23. General Financial Summary Follows:

1/2 talent; Jade.
2 talent, 3 dirham; Silver.
All stock in excess of projected needs.
Armor and Weapons in good repair.
Personal supplies all within projected needs.

Weather: Sunny, but fucking cold for the south. I’m pretty sure I can see my breath aboveground.

Continuing from the final log in the fifth volume of this travel log-

The city was almost entirely in ruins at that point, and to my shock, I was not only still standing, but glowing with a light to rival that of the Sun above. Seeing as I had somehow survived the blast that had leveled the city, I had little choice but to flee. I did not have time to speak with my father, and had only time to prepare my wagons and move on before the survivors could make sense and blame myself or the Caravan of Flickering Lights in the Eye of Rock. Some… instinct, I suppose, directed me to flee for a hidden place in the mountains, instead of skirting them in favor of the desert.

To my surprise, I found a young warrior in similar circumstances in the ruins of a Guild caravan she appeared to have wrecked. Fuura has recently expressed a desire to strike out on her own, rather than continuing on as a companion of mine, so I shall not dwell on her here. Suffice it to say our instincts pointed towards the same area – as soon became obvious, a mountaintop quite isolated from the world. On arrival, we found it to have once been a grid of small manses.

I should take a moment to note that yes, we did in fact arrive on my birth-day, and did in fact have to travel during Calibration. It was not a pleasant journey, but remained mostly uneventful. If froggy.

In any case, strange molehills attracted our attention. I lost my favorite spear in the investigation, but have found a companion most strange. His kind are known as the Jadeborn, and he appears to be a golem of Jade and gemstones. Quite beautiful, but nameless. He guards a group of people, some sort of earthy folk adapted to live underground as well. They have collectively requested help returning to their home, an underground city known as Dijak. Evidently these Jadeborn cannot travel above ground except in the company of a Celestial Exalt like myself, and the Earthfolk refuse to abandon him.

I agreed – this was the cause of Fuura’s desire to leave. Evidently she finds such a quest unappealing. Ever since, the Jadeborn has been paying an inordinate amount of attention to myself. Perhaps he fears I will leave to pursue my own goals as well? I suppose such a fear is reasonable, all told, though I have no intent of doing so. I cannot devise the Realm’s destruction alone and without allies, no matter how great my talents have become.

Annotation: In the months since I began this log, I have gathered companions sufficient to justify the naming of this caravan. The proper name is now present.

[This entry covers Loq Exalts through Fuura Leaves.]


Fabricati Tlutheion

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